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Established in 2021

The Three Angels Youth Orchestra (3AYO) is a new youth organization formed in order to bring young people together to collaborate and share their God-given musical talents with local communities and organizations.

Our mission is to foster a love for music in young people and to inspire a desire to use those gifts for enjoyment and praise.  We aim to build confidence, patience, perseverance, kindness, purpose, and a Christ-like character.

Because contemporary culture and modern technology have changed the purpose and function of music, which was designed to uplift hearts and minds to God and take us away from self, the Three Angels Youth Orchestra was formed.

The music of today is causing so much disconnect in our society and has become a promoter of mental illness, especially in our youth. Children are less social, less focused, less creative, and less likely to pick up an instrument and develop their musical talent.

The Three Angels Youth Orchestra is working hard to combat the effects of disorganized and depressive music and to replace it with uplifting, unified, and inspiring music that brings joy to all who listen.

Preschool and upper grades are introduced to classical music
and instruments for the first time. –
3AYO, 2022.